8 Favourite Diamond Ring Shapes

It’s no argument that the phrase ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ may not be entirely applied to everyone; but even if diamonds aren’t your best friend, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that these diamond shapes and cuts are some of the most beautiful from around the globe. Here are some of the most popular cuts and shapes in the world, sported by many a celebrity, and perfected by expert diamond-cutters over the centuries.

1. The Round-Brilliant Cut

We will start things off with the world’s most popular shape and cut: the Round-Brilliant Cut. This specific cut features 58 facets, or faces, that are polished accurately to reflect light, enhancing the brilliance of the diamond itself.

8 Favourite Diamond Ring Shapes
De Beers 2-carat Aura Diamond Ring

Well cut and polished, its sparkle is unbeatable due to its almost perfect proportions that give it more sparkle than other cuts. Well experienced diamond cutters are given the task of bringing life and brilliance to rough diamonds and transforming them into master-art. It is no wonder that round-brilliant diamonds cost 30% more than its counterparts.

2. The Pear Shaped Cut

Sometimes referred to as tear-drop diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds feature a brilliant diamond in a combination of a round and marquise shape that’s tapered to one side, showing an elongated look. These diamonds are worn with the narrow end pointing toward the hand of the one wearing it.

Pear Shaped Diamond
@east_islip_jewelers | Instagram
3. The Princess Cut

This special cut is the most popular ‘fancy’ cut among other choices for engagement rings. Princess cuts are traditionally square; however, many princess cuts are slightly rectangular, though often hard to detect. Most engagement rings are made using princess cut diamonds due to its popularity and beauty.

Princess Cut Diamond
@taylorandhart | Instagram
4. The Heart Shaped Cut

These special ‘fancy’ cut diamonds are not the conventional kind, but they are brilliantly beautiful. These cuts are a modification of the ‘brilliant-cut’ and are shaped to the unmistakable symbol of love; they have the power to make anyone say yes to a proposal.

Heart Shaped Diamond
@urviarora12 | Instagram
5. The Oval Shaped Cut

These oval shaped beauties, too, are modifications of the ’round-brilliant’ cut, but pose a more unique look. It is ideal for individuals to choose this shape for its unique quality, and also for its similiarity to the round-brilliant.

Oval Shaped Diamond
@tracyzhao719 | Instagram
6. The Marquise Shaped Cut

This (American) football-shaped diamond is a modification of the brilliant-cut; it is pointed on both ends.

The history of this cut is buried deep in French history where King Louis XIV of France allegedly had a stone fashioned to resemble the perfectly shaped mouth of the Marquise of Pompadour.

The long and narrow shape of the Marquise diamond poses an illusion to look like it is bigger in size. Shapes like these can make the finger of the wearer appear longer and slimmer.

Marquise Shaped Diamond
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7. The Cushion Cut

Once referred to as an ‘old mine cut’, this special cut combines a square cut with rounded corners. This classic cut has been used for almost 200 years; in fact, it used to be the most popular and desirable cut for engagement rings–up to the 20th century, as what the round-brilliant cut is today.

It was desirable due to its enlarged culet (bottom) which reflected light in a unique way when seen through the table (top). It’s uniquity is still sought after today by antique diamond dealers.

Cushion Cut Diamond
@honeyjewelryco | Instagram
8. The Asscher Cut

This special diamond was first produced in 1902 by the Asscher brothers of Holland. Asscher cuts are diamonds that have been shaped with step facets; a well cut Asscher diamond will show concentratic squares as you look down through the table (top).

Asscher cuts normally feature cropped corners that give it an octagonal look, but when set properly on a square sillouhette, it maintains its square shape and beauty.

Becoming popular in the 1920’s, original Asscher cuts can mostly be found only in antique stores today. Modern modifications have made the Asscher cut to be more brilliant, increasing its desirability.

Asscher Cut Diamond
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Choosing the right shape and size for your engagement ring can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. The shape has to be yours and fit your personality; but even if you haven’t got the right one yet, you still have a lifetime to go in search of the perfect shape and size; and I believe that search will never end.



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