Pronovias At Barcelona Bridal Week 2017

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If you’ve been following our Instagram and Facebook, you know we were crazy over so, so many stunning bridal dresses at Barcelona Bridal Week 2017. Lucky you, 2017 brides.

The much-anticipated finale show, aptly called ‘The Pronovias Show’ by attendees of the Barcelona Bridal Week did not disappoint. It was as thrilling as it sounds, with all the whispers about ‘the Pronovias’ show amongst the influencers, press friends, VIP’s and celebrities we spoke to, right from the start of the 27th instalment of this annual, and prestigious bridal event hosted in the city Barcelona, Spain.

Well now, let’s get back to talking about the show. The show.

Thrilling, exciting right at the start. Well even way before the start of the show. Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous people from Spain, international press and friends of the Pronovias brand from all over the world – all 2000 of them walking stepping into The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in their finest gala attire, mostly of Pronovias.

Yes, magnificent national museum, The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya was chosen as the venue to host Pronovias gorgeous 2018 bridal collection, modelled by an array of top models such as Bregje Heinen, Romee Strijd, Cindy Bruna and Martha Hunt.

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Free Barcelona Bridal Week Ticket HERE!


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