Divorce Sums Up In Seven Comics

We have all either witnessed it first-hand, or at least heard of the big D-word before, and each person has their own feelings and thoughts about divorce and how to deal with it.

This painfully raw comic series—which we first saw on BoredPanda, penned by an artist who only chooses to be known as ‘Mac’, strikes a chord deep in our hearts. I know, you didn’t ask for the feels today, but here it is.

Each comic progressively takes you on an emotional journey from happy, to alarmed, and all the way through scared, distressed, and even panic. There are only 7 pictures, but they are some of the deepest we have come across.

Divorce Sums Up In Seven Comics

It always starts out perfect. Nothing to worry about. Everything is beautiful.

Divorce Sums Up In Seven Comics

That’s when something changes. Something that disturbs the balance of what was already good.

Divorce Sums Up In Seven Comics

Once the balance is gone, things start to tip over and everything comes crumbling down.

Divorce Sums Up In Seven Comics

Many families are now torn apart for one reason or another.

Divorce Sums Up In Seven Comics

We cannot ignore the fact that each family deals with divorce in their own way. Some families come out stronger and better after the whole ordeal, and others end up more damaged that before.

Divorce Sums Up In Seven Comics

We asked some of our viewers how they related to these comics:

“My family still stayed together even after the divorce. Everyone could still sit down together for a normal dinner and be happy. I’m extremely lucky.”

Divorce Sums Up In Seven Comics

“My parents basically couldn’t get anything reconciled and our home has been a living warzone every single day, minus the actual bombs and guns—which we might as well have.”

“I haven’t seen my dad since he left. That boy that the father let go of in the pic—that was me. I was attached to my dad and he just left.”

Many viewers also expressed that all couples should really think very clearly before deciding to start a family—that some people just don’t recover from being torn in two.

Every experience is a heartbreaking one, but there is always the rainbow at the end of the storm. If you hold fast to hoping for a brighter future, it will come one day. Hope, you see, is a very powerful thing; it may be the only thing that keeps you, or me, or a whole family going.

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