Bridal Hairstyle Tips For Your Wedding Day (1)

When planning your look for your wedding day, preparing and planning your hairstyle is very important. You may think that it’s just as simple as putting your hair up in a bun and draping a veil over it, but on the actual day when you’re running around anxiously with a million things to get done, your hair might just be unwilling to cooperate. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a good hair-day on your big day.

1. Planning is Caring.

Planning ahead—at least 2 months before your wedding day—and deciding on the look that you want will save you a lot of trouble closer to the date. Going online and searching for good bridal hairstyles is a good way to collect ideas for your own hairstyle.

tips - Bridal Hairstyle Tips For Your Wedding Day

2. Prepare, Cut, Set.

Once you have your hairstyle in mind, get your hair trimmed, permed, coloured, or treated at least a month before the wedding. This gives you the opportunity to get rid of split ends and neaten up your tresses. Plus, getting it done a few weeks before the big day gives your hair the time to rest and set, and in case of a disaster, you will have time to fix it.

tips - Bridal Hairstyle Tips For Your Wedding Day
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3. Trials and Try Outs.

At least 5 months before you say, “I do,” do your research; go around and try out different hairstylists before making a decision. It may be a little time-consuming, but finding the right person to do your hair on the most important day of your life is a priority. Have a trial run with a few hairstylists, and choose the one you’re most comfortable with and who is able to deliver the style you want. It’s okay if you don’t choose your regular hairstylist. Your look on your wedding day has to be perfect.

tips - Bridal Hairstyle Tips For Your Wedding Day

4. Honesty is Policy.

You should always have someone—a friend, or family member—who is honest and who can tell you if you look good or just outrageously bad. You need a good, honest perspective of how you look.

tips - Bridal Hairstyle Tips For Your Wedding Day

5. Hair, and Lovely.

Looking after your hair and keeping your hair healthy in the weeks leading up to the big day will ensure that your hair shines out and looks amazing. Stay clear of hair products that make your hair hard to work with on your wedding day. Keep it simple and neat and let your hairstylist handle the tough part.

tips - Bridal Hairstyle Tips For Your Wedding Day

6. Tick-tock Counts the Clock.

Time how long it takes for your hair to be done after a few trials. That way, you know approximately how much time you have to prep yourself before the wedding begins and you can fit in all the other details you need to get ready.

tips - Bridal Hairstyle Tips For Your Wedding Day
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7. Humour Me.

Through it all, however, keep that sense of humour up and enjoy the whole process. You’ll have plenty of funny stories to tell your girlfriends and family members, and maybe even some pictures of funny hairstyles you tried. All in good memories.

tips - Bridal Hairstyle Tips For Your Wedding Day
@ulyana.aster | Instagram


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