8 Kinds of People You Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

Weddings are expensive and often exclusive to family and close friends. Trimming down your guest list offers you and your fiance a variety of benefits financially, emotionally, and mentally. Weddings are precious moments that must not be ruined by people who shouldn’t be there in the first place.

But who are these people you should never invite to your wedding? Here are eight types of people to consider crossing off your invite list.

1. Exes tips - 8 Kinds of People You Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

Admit it, having your ex around, no matter how friendly you two are after the breakup, spells awkwardness and discomfort. Whether you like it or not, their mere presence can create tension and drama, which you and your partner don’t deserve on your special day.

2. Work colleagues

tips - 8 Kinds of People You Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

Unless you and your work buddies have a relationship that goes beyond meetings and workstations, remove them from the guest list. If it makes you feel guilty – and because some colleagues will not let the matter of non-invitation rest – consider a more low-key get-together outside the wedding, just for this group of people, and make sure your spouse attends as well.

3. Children

tips - 8 Kinds of People You Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

Children are adorable, but they can throw serious tantrums that can disturb the solemn tranquility of the affair. They are also the least likely to enjoy the event, even the reception, which most adults will have fun at. Rambunctious kids are also the most likely to break things and cause mayhem.

Hint: Inform your friends who have children well in advance that the wedding will not permit their bundles of joy. This can also help you cross names off the list when parents are unable to leave their children at home to make it to the ceremony.

4. Estranged family members

tips - 8 Kinds of People You Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

This is a sensitive topic, especially if you grew up being told that family is the most important thing. To help you decide, ask yourself these questions: Is the person’s presence at my wedding important? How will I and my other loved ones feel when he or she is around? If the person will cause you and others a lot of stress, it may be best to leave their invitation behind. Work on your relationship, if that’s what you want, in the future.

5. Friends of friends and plus ones

First, there’s a high probability you don’t know them and vice versa. Second, it’s never your obligation to give a plus one to your guests, which also means you have the right to deny friends from bringing their own pals to your wedding. You also don’t owe anyone an explanation for this, so don’t feel pressured to provide one.

6. Whiners and toxic people

tips - 8 Kinds of People You Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

The last thing you want to hear on your wedding day is a chronic whiner dissing your decor, food, and anything else about the ceremony. A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion, and there should be no room for negativity. Bar the naysayers at your own discretion, and without guilt.

7. Friends you rarely hear from

You may have made a pact with your high school friend that you’ll be at each other’s wedding, but if you both have failed to maintain a close relationship over the years, it’s time to cross them off your guest list.

8. Those who didn’t RSVP

tips - 8 Kinds of People You Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

Practical tip when you’re creating your guest list: force them to RSVP. Set a deadline. Do the best you can to communicate and let them know they have to commit to the date. If you don’t hear from them, it’s time to move on. They may not be able to come or, well, they’re just not interested.

Removing these people from your guest list goes beyond saving money. It’s about building wonderful memories you can bring with you as you enter a new chapter in your lives. Most of all, it makes you feel braver to face the challenges of marriage when you are surrounded by the love from people who care for both of you on your wedding day.

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