10 Qualities To Look For In The Man That You Marry

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Alright ladies, I’m about to save you a whole bunch of time and heartache stressing over whether you think you’ve found the one or not. Some people believe in the perfect soulmate, others are more content with compatability and just seeking someone they can comfortably grow old with. All love is unique and individualized, and truly amazing.

When you’re deep in love, it’s hard not to get carried away and picture the rest of your lives together with rose tinted glasses. But how do we know for certain that it’s really forever and not just a current fantasy? I’ve rounded up 10 sure ways to know he is a keeper – because love is more than just about physical passion and promises, it digs deeper into a solid foundation of trust and respect.

1. He makes you feel special  – all women (and men) feel the need to be desired and appreciated, but not everyone communicates it in the same way. Don’t expect him to read your mind and know instantly what makes you feel special; you need to communicate this to him and pay attention to how he follows up.

2. He treats you with respect – from gentlemanly efforts like opening a door to asking you how you are, respect comes in many forms. The role of Mr. Right is an important position that has to be earned.

3. You don’t need to constantly remind him to do his share of the house chores – it’s important to recognize daily chores as a shared responsibility for both man and woman. Find a man who’s not scared to be in the kitchen, knows when to take out the trash, and knows when to take initiative without being told.

4. You’re comfortable in your own skin around him – whether you’re overcome with an ungodly fever or having a bad day at work, this shouldn’t change your comfort levels of being around him. You both know each one of you is not perfect, but you stick around because you learn to love the imperfections just as much as the perfections.

5. You’re respectful of each others privacy and space –  a strong man does not need to have you by his side 24-7 and understands that you need time for your passions and for yourself.

6. You love more than you fight – this one might seem like an obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many toxic couples stay together even when they find themselves disagreeing and caught in an argument most of the time. Some people would rather stay in toxic relationships than let go of a big part of their life, without realizing that sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do to get to somewhere you’ve never been: a better place.

7. Jealousy and betrayal are the least likely subjects you will argue about – he makes you feel secure about your relationship with him and he doesn’t make you wonder all the time about who keeps texting in the middle of the night or what he’s up to until 5am in the morning when you’re at home alone. Ladies, we’re too mature to deal with boys – find a man who brings you emotional security.

8. He listens – the man you marry should listen to you, and I mean really listen. He should pay attention to what you say. He lets you vent, regardless of the subject. A man who truly loves you cares about what you have to say.

9. He’s by your side at the lowest ebbs of your life – just as likely as you’ll be there bringing him soup when he has the flu, or when you’ll be holding him together when he’s overcoming a death of a relative, make sure he’ll do the same for you.

10. He spends time with your family and friends – he spends time with your family and you’ve gotten to know his. He makes an effort to be present in your life and engages the people you love. He cares about your friends and wants them to like him. He fits into your life perfectly.

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