Bride Gets Wedding Dress Sewn Half-An-Hour Before Wedding

Bride Finds Herself Without Wedding Dress Only To Be Saved By two Unassuming Dress Designers Half-an-Hour Before Scheduled Start

Here’s some news for you that’s bound to put a little skip in your steps at the start of the week.

Bride, Nathalie Lout, found herself in a tight predicament when—1 hour before her wedding—her wedding dress designers were nowhere to be seen, and she was without a dress. That’s any bride’s nightmare!

Thankfully, the wedding photographer—who arrived on time to assume her duties, and who was more than shocked to find that the bride was dress-less—did the only thing she could think of.

Without missing a beat, photographer, Lizzie Adams, contacted Courtyard Bridal, Kettering, and informed them of the situation.

After quickly getting the necessary information about the bride, designers, Rhiannon and Anne Moore, rushed to the scene with a couple of dresses, veils, pins, and their sewing machine (yes, really!), and immediately began altering the dress; and with only 30 minutes left until the wedding was scheduled to start.

The designers brought two dresses that they thought would fit the bride, and Nathalie chose the elegant Pronovias ‘Niagara’ dress. Rhiannon and Anne were quick to measure, alter, and cut to suit Nathalie’s height and look.

“Nathalie is petite in every way and finding a wedding dress that fits is no easy feat, let alone one that wouldn’t completely swamp her height. I had no idea what to expect but later realised that Rhiannon had asked me all the right questions on the phone about her size, height and shoes. They were on the job!” wrote Lizzie Adams in her blog about the event.

Lizzie kept in touch with the hotel reception the whole time, informing them of the situation and of any updates. The venue had 3 other weddings scheduled for the day.

At 15 minutes past 11.30am, the final touches were done and the wedding was given the green light to start. I’m sure the stunning dress and how amazing Nathalie looked in it would have been worth the 30 minute wait by the guests.

Nathalie expressed how incredible she thought the dress was and that though she tried to keep as calm as possible, she did break down the moment she saw the dress.

“So many people told me I look ‘stunning’ and that they could not believe it was not the original dress as it looked perfect on me,” said Lout. She was originally planning to wear a slip dress to her wedding.

The wedding went by without a hitch, and the Moores were invited to stay for the reception, at which they became a crowd favourite, helping the photographer position a few shots.

2 hours after the wedding ceremony ended was when Nathalie’s original dressmaker decided to show up with the dress. It was suggested that Nathalie put it on, but that suggestion was kindly refused. Nathalie received a full refund for the dress.

Nothing like a good ‘save the day’ story to brighten everyone’s day and restore faith in humanity.

Photographer: Lizzie Adams


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