Peter + Greet | happily married for 55 years


Happily married for 55 years and still madly in love with each other, Peter and Greet from Hague in the Netherlands love game is as strong as ever. Never fan of extravagant Valentine’s Day celebration, this valentine’s they were steered and coerced into capturing their portrait and turns out into one amazing loveshoot.

Valentine Day….55 times over
This husband and wife of 55 years still celebrate Valentine’s Day  their own simple yet meaningful way. Each year they give each other special valentine cards with an affectionate message written inside. A voucher for a cup of coffee, “sometimes even for a brunch!” Greet proudly told us with the cutest grin.

“Are we not too old for a love shoot?”
These two people who have been married since 1960, shared ups and downs and never once doubted their love for each other but there were doubts and nervousness about having their portraits taken with questions like “Are we not too old for a loveshoot?” and “How is it even possible to get a good shot of us?”…..

True Passionate Love….
Everyone present at the shoot has the great fortune of witnessing what truly is strong, passionate love. They witness who Greet and Peter is as a couple, how playful and cheeky they are at each other just like any young lovers. Photographer Nienke tells us: “After the loveshoot Peter and Greet were interviewed and shared wholeheartedly how they met, what they like about each other and how happy they still are. As we watched them tell their story, happy tears were rolling down our eyes. It is deeply moving to see such sweet people who have been making each other happy for 55 years”

Commisioned by:
Photographer: Nienke van Denderen Fotografie
Concept & Styling: Suzanne de Lima
Make-up artist: Très Jolie Visagie
Second shooter/backstage photos: Sanne Venhuizen Fotografie
Videographer: DARE Media

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