Joseph & Trasy – Tirtha Uluwatu, Bali

Joseph travelled often and widely before meeting Trasy, the woman of his dreams who had finally managed to convince him to settle down together. Both agreed a charming chapel wedding would be the ideal setting to get married, and what Tirtha Bridal had to offer fulfilled anything they could have dreamed for. Their flagship wedding venue, Tirtha Uluwatu, featured a glass chapel, delicately poised in a shallow pool of sparkling azure water, and a unique Japanese-style private service. Coupled with Tirtha’s impeccable global recognition, the couple was won over instantly.

Joseph and Trasy decided to blend their respective cultures together to form a colourful East-meets-West wedding. The special day kicked off with traditional Chinese morning tea and came to a close with a professional DJ enthralling the guests with Western Jazz. At the reception, the couple and their guests enjoyed a sumptuous five-course French dinner.

Tirtha Bridal’s fully customisable butler service assisted the bride with going through 100 gowns and 20 shops in pursuit of the perfect gown. The service, composed of a global team, also maintained the couple’s privacy by ensuring that only the couple’s guests were allowed to be present at the venue. An exclusive Michelin starred team specialising in French cuisine orchestrated the preparation of the food on the day itself.

The wedding’s immaculate fusion of the two different cultures was a success – not only was it a joyous, elegant affair, it was also luxurious without teetering into the realm of excessive extravagance. The couple delighted in their romantic wedding ceremony and enjoyed their perfect day thoroughly.

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