Galia Lahav debut appearance at Barcelona Bridal Week 2017



Desired and renowned bridal dress designer Galia Lahav debuts her very first appearance at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2017, giving us a spectacular show of her 2018 collection.

The collection presents an array of dresses in classic white and off-white hues, with a hint of sensuous and alluring elements to these wedding dresses. One that accentuates and celebrates the feminity of the brides, what Galia Lahav is known for.

Playing with interesting necklines and cuts, mixing interesting layers of fabrics such as tulle, lace and appliques of fine hand-stitched embroideries, the outcome presents jaw-dropping textures, flowy hemlines and intricate detailings.

Playful, whimsical flowy sleeves and interesting textures, Galia Lahav release 2018 collection – a perfect mix of classic elegance and playful sensuality.

galialahav_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_64galialahav_65-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_63-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_62-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_59-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_57-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_56-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_55-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_53-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_52-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_51-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_50-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_49-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_48-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_47-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_46-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_45-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_44-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_43-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_42-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_40-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_39-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_37-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_36-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_34-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_33-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_31-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_30-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_29-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_28-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_27-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_25-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_23_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_21_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_20_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_19_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_18_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_17_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_16_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_15_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_14_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_12_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_10_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_09_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_08_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_07_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_06_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_05_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_Barcelona Bridal Week 2017galialahav_66-Barcelona Bridal Week 2017


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