5 Ways the Groom Can Help in the Wedding Planning

You have made it this far into your relationship, and now you and your future husband are planning for what will probably be the biggest day of your life. This kind of planning takes a lot of brain-power. Here are some ways you can enroll the groom’s thoughts in the planning process.

1. The Guest List

The first thing to tackle in planning your wedding is figuring out how many people you and your future spouse are going to invite, and that takes some serious thought and calculations. Family members and friends are subject to a ranking list from most important to not important enough to be invited. Your groom needs to sit down with you and go through every name possible. Some couples go with a ‘no kids, no coworkers, and no plus ones’ plan, but you and your groom get to decide that.

2. The Groomsmen’s List

It’s always nice to see symmetry in everything, even in small details like having the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen on your wedding day. Here’s where the groom comes in to decide who among his guy friends and family members gets to be on the list.

3. Theme Colours

Some might disagree with this, but getting your groom’s insight on which colour scheme would be best to have on the day will give both of you a great way to blend and make something beautiful of your union. He may choose Navy Blue and you may choose Burgundy, but finding the sweet spot between both colours will bring beautiful harmony to your wedding day.

4. The Music

To get at least another thing off your worry list, let your groom source for the DJ or come up with the best playlist to entertain your guests. You can sit down with him and finalize the list closer to the date.

5. The Honeymoon

Above all else, your man just wants to make you happy and letting him take the lead in planning the honeymoon will be a great way for him to surprise you and take you on a trip of a lifetime. However, it’s no crime to slot in some hints every now and then.

Happy planning!

Header Image by Studio Damon.

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