4 Essentials To An Awesome Wedding

We’ve been asked a lot about what makes a perfect wedding, perfect. There isn’t an exact fail-proof formula to a wedding celebration, there is a of course a huge (and crazy) list of to-do’s from trying to get into that bikini body in twelve weeks, countless hair and make up appointments, fittings, meeting your wedding vendors, charts, Pinterest, another look at colour charts, coffee with your mates and then after-coffee, coffee sessions with anyone related to your wedding. Yeah, you get the idea.

But if we must pin some basic stuffs down, here is 4 essential key to an awesome wedding

Keeping It Intimate


Let’s get straight to the point. Fairytale dream wedding DOEST NOT equal a huge wedding, it is in fact non-relative. However in Asia, keeping the wedding small tend to get a tad tricky. Friends and family is huge thing, we get that and everyone down to your parent’s neighbour wants to be invited. Friends and family, now that is the point!  Not acquaintances. If and when you are able to keep your guest list to your closest friends and family, people whom you share more laughs than meals with – and god forbid that the PA system won’t work quite right – you’re almost guaranteed of a fabulous time.

Having An Open Bar (and hiring an awesome mixologist or bartender)


Trust us on this one – keep the drinks floooooowwwing….Even for anyone who can’t take alcohols. A good mixologist could make your guests amazing concoction of personalised mocktails that feels as good as alcohol.

Having an After-Party

Know what’s the craziest thing? It does take sometime for your guest to warm up to each other, that’s usually after the wedding toast, some food, drinks and the First Dance. From point A, the music-livens-up to point B, dear-guest-it’s-time-to-go home kinda feels like 15 minutes apart. A wedding with  no after-party? What bummer! That’s like going to your fav singer’s concert without an encore. Please give your guest one.


Traffics, parking and dashing from ceremony to reception or after-party stirs up the stress level for  you and your guests. Take great care of your friends and family by providing transport to usher them from one location to the next. Or best of all, get them free ride on Uber with your personalised wedding code, that will be coolest thing ever.

Last but never least, never let your guest drink and drive. Always ensure that your not-so-sober friends is in good hands because you’ll want your wedding day to be of only good memories.



Signature Weddings is collaborating with Uber on #wedresponsibly drive, and giving away free ride worth RM 25 for all your guests with your personalised wedding code so that you can party the night away – stress free. Create  your wedding code here.



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