This is Where Paris Hilton Stayed in Bali, and It’s Not Hilton Hotel

Bali is arguably one of the top travel destinations for tourists from around the world. Last month, the Island of the Gods welcomed Paris Hilton. She surprised her Indonesian fans when she posted a video of herself on Instagram while she was staying at one of Elite Haven’s villas in Bali. Her local fans were able to track her down quickly and came to where she stayed.


Hilton stayed at The Layar villa for two days, then left for another villa, Villa Adasa, to enjoy more privacy after she greeted her fans. If you’re looking for a luxurious and private space to unwind in Bali, choosing the villas Paris stayed at can be an option.

The Layar

The Layar features distinctive pitched roofs that point to the ground like the triangular rigging of traditional fishing boats. The villa name is inspired from the shape of a ship’s sail which literally means “layar” in Indonesian.

The villa has four different venues that can be rented separately: one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom villas. Villa 5 is the largest of The Layar villas, providing a four-bedroom residence designed with spacious living and dining areas, a mezzanine media room, and a dining deck with a barbecue area by the sail-shaped swimming pool.

The Layar is the perfect vacation spot for a group of family and friends who appreciate the privacy and luxury of their own villa while relishing in the accessibility of Bali’s best restaurants, bars, shops, and surf breaks just a short stroll away.

Villa Adasa

Villa Adasa is a luxury 3-bedroom villa. Its design is influenced by traditional Balinese architecture. Located within the Laksmana Estate, it is a secure private estate featuring exclusive villas, high-end restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

The Villa uses local materials such as an alang-alang roof, Palimanan stone walls, floors of terrazzo, and polished teakwood to give some unique touches to the interior. The villa is ideal for a group of friends who want to be in the thick of the action, as well as families with kids, and teenagers who appreciate the freedom of wandering on the beach.


Interested to stay at The Layar or Villa Adasa? Both villas are ideally situated in the Seminyak area, one of the top tourist destinations in Bali. Seminyak offers accessibility to all of Bali’s main shops, shopping malls, the Waterbom Park, and many other tourist attractions.

For sports lovers, they can head over to Canggu Club around the area for social and leisure facilities, including a fitness center, a 25m swimming pool, as well as a tennis and squash centre. There are also three riding stables located nearby Canggu: Kuda P, Tarukan, and Bali Equestrian Centre. The guests can also visit Nirwana Golf Course which lies about 20km up the coast beside the sea temple of Tanah Lot.

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