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We can’t miss several news on several unfavourable experience on ride-sharing apps in the social media and news portal. We may even experience not too pleasant one ourselves.

But this is the story of how Dylan met Dora, on an Uber ride. Yes, just like in the rom-com movies.

It was just another day on the road for Dylan, a real estate agent by trade, and a part-time Uber driver-partner.It was just another day on the road too for Dora, a flight attendant on her way to Changi Airport.

It was just another day on the road too for Dora, a flight attendant on her way to Changi Airport.

As fate have her ways, Dora hailed for an Uber just like any other day and Dylan was her driver on that day.

Their conversation was nothing out of the ordinary – he asked her about her job in the sky, about the university she graduated from – the conversation made a good impression on him to her and vice versa.

No numbers were exchanged, though as he felt it was inappropriate. But he knew she was special and would like to get to know her a little better.

He turns to social media and as fate would have it, friends of his friends knew her and she didn’t disagree to connect again when Dylan ask through friends if he could.

To his relief, she did.

From conversations to meet ups and suppers together. Three months in, they are very much in love in a blossoming relationship.

Featured Image Credit: Dylan and Dora, Uber

This article first appeared on Vulcan Post, by Melissa Chan.

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