Tibetan couple wedding photos captivated China

This gorgeous Tibetan couple’s wedding photos has captivated China and taken over the internet. We can’t pinpoint exactly why this is but it’s probably the combination of the good looking couple, well choreographed photos, styling, colours and the stark contrast and magnificent background of Tibet. The photos looks like they were taken of the pages of high fashion magazines though both are not models.

The 31-year-old groom named Gerongpengcuo was from Danba county in Sichuan province. His soon-to-be wife, Dawazhuoma, is from a rural family in neighboring Maerkang county. The bride and groom both hailing from rural Tibet has found success on their own, Gerongpengcuo having been living in Beijing in the early part of his career returned closer to home to set up his advertising agency in Chengdu. The photos are taken by his business partner. “Some of the younger generation easily lose themselves and can’t feel the sense of cultural belonging while they are pursuing their dream. We hope we can send out a signal to the young people that on the road to happiness, you don’t need to lose your principals”, he said.

Anyways, here’s their Tibet pre wedding photos that is said to have been seen by at least 80% of WeChat users and netizens in China.

Photo credit: Xinhua News & BBC

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