The Anatomy of A Chinese Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation is most important to set the tone of your wedding, as well as providing essential information to your guests. The information for an English invitation may be easier to write, but a Chinese wedding invitation has a certain format to follow. For the brides and grooms who would like to honour their culture, we have Nineteen Design Studio of Singapore presenting this guide for you! Take a look below.

“We know this particular segment of the invitation can be mind-boggling especially when Chinese may not be the first language for some of the couples. Whilst couples like to preserve their Asian heritage, they are not sure where to begin. Hence, at Nineteen Design Studio, we like to help to make this a little easier. We put together this wedding infographic that explains the anatomy of a Chinese Wedding invitation. This is a great overview guide for couples looking to understand the structure of the Chinese Wedding Invitation. We use a typically family scenario where the reception / banquet is co-hosted by both Bride & Groom’s parents. Please note that scenario is not exhaustive.”

Here is the outline of the content.

1. Gregorian calendar dates
2. Chinese calendar dates
3. Order of birth of the bride and groom
In invitations content, the order of birth is deemed to be in isolated in gender.
For example –

• 长男 – Groom is the eldest with a younger brother and sister
• 小女 – Bride is the middle child with an elder and a younger brother

4. Names of the bride and groom
If the invitation is co-hosted by both parents, the family / surnames of the bride and groom are excluded.
5. Name of the Parents
6. Name of Paternal Grandparents
If the grandparents of the bride and groom are present, then it will be mentioned above the names of the parent, it will be stated 奉严慈命 . If its only the grandfather, it will be stated 奉严命, vis-à-vis, if its only the grandmother, it will be stated 奉慈命.
7. Dinner venue
8. Time of cocktail reception
9. Time of dinner
10. RSVP information, if this is different from English invitation

You could also download the larger version of this guide at Nineteen Design Studio‘s blog.

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