Thailand wedding photographer Ekkahai Saelow captures couple in microscopic size

Ekkahai Saelow 46

Famous Thailand wedding photographer, Ekkahai Saelow captures the cutest engagement photos of his subject in microscopic size. A genius in creative wedding photography, under his brand Khontuelek Photography, photographer Ekkahai must have gone through a painstaking process and possess a brilliant eye for capturing these comedic, entertaining wedding photos.

The special effects and props used to create these scenes are creative and highly entertaining, we bet the couple enjoyed the process as much as they love looking at the end product – their adorable, unique engagement photos.

We see the ant-size couple, getting through an adventure of a lifetime in a great big giant world, riding out above Singapore Airlines planes and a top real-life size puppy. The groom being the hero he is, retrieving his lady’s ‘larger-than-life’ diamond engagement ring. And how can one forget having anything Star Wars when in comes to these unique wedding photos. The wedding photography has captured his couple in every scene, story and props imaginable. Just genius!

Ekkahai Saelow 2Ekkahai Saelow 3Ekkahai Saelow 4Ekkahai Saelow 5Ekkahai Saelow 6Ekkahai Saelow 7Ekkahai Saelow 8Ekkahai Saelow 9Ekkahai Saelow 10Ekkahai Saelow 11Ekkahai Saelow 12Ekkahai Saelow 13Ekkahai Saelow 14Ekkahai Saelow 15Ekkahai Saelow 16Ekkahai Saelow 17

He is even kind enough to share how he created these cute and unique wedding photos on his facebook fan page.
Ekkahai Saelow 18Ekkahai Saelow 21Ekkahai Saelow 23Ekkahai Saelow 24Ekkahai Saelow 25Ekkahai Saelow 26Ekkahai Saelow 27Ekkahai Saelow 28Ekkahai Saelow 29Ekkahai Saelow 30Ekkahai Saelow 33Ekkahai Saelow 34Ekkahai Saelow 35Ekkahai Saelow 36Ekkahai Saelow 37Ekkahai Saelow 38Ekkahai Saelow 39Ekkahai Saelow 40Ekkahai Saelow 41Ekkahai Saelow 42Ekkahai Saelow 43Ekkahai Saelow 44Ekkahai Saelow 45Ekkahai Saelow 46Ekkahai Saelow 47Ekkahai Saelow 48Ekkahai Saelow 49Ekkahai Saelow 50Ekkahai Saelow 51Ekkahai Saelow 52Ekkahai Saelow 53Ekkahai Saelow 55Ekkahai Saelow 56Ekkahai Saelow 57Ekkahai Saelow 58Ekkahai Saelow 59Ekkahai Saelow 60Ekkahai Saelow 61Ekkahai Saelow 62Ekkahai Saelow 63

Follow his page:

And his personal FB page

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