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Jovan + Fidella

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We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw these beautiful photos from Axioo. The bride looks absolutely sweet and the weather is just perfect! Here we have some wise words from David of Axioo, triggered by these beautiful pictures he took of Jovan and Fidella in Sydney. Enjoy his musings and take a look at our gallery above for more photos of this amazing destination shoot!

“Life is kind of like sailing and you’re the sailor. It goes through different kinds of water and weather conditions. The key is to adjust to it. Sometimes you could be sailing in smooth waters, set off on a calm and peaceful sail, enjoy it. That’s the time to relax and appreciate what you already have. But sometimes you might find yourself sailing in harsher waters, trying to jump over the hurdles life throws your way – career, family – and you’re handling more than your two hands can grasp. During this time, make sure you tighten the ropes and adjust your sails. Keep your balance. Find your center. Believe that strong winds don’t last forever and you’re going to get through it. When you’ve weathered through the storm, you’ll be a better sailor because of it.”

Photographer: Axioo

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