Watch: This Hilarious Video Shows How a Millennial “Marriage Proposal” Is Done


Because it’s all about the likes. And comments. And shares.

Welcome to the era of social media, where people thrive on posting and sharing almost anything and everything—and we mean practically everything—for the whole world to see.

People these days, most especially the millennials and post-millennials, are often dubbed as the “instant gratification generation” because we’re constantly glued to the screens of our phones or tablets and only look away when we’ve bumped into a wall or person or worse, have fallen into a manhole.

In an article called “Instant Gratification & Its Dark Side,” a study done by Bucknell University, it explains that our “desire to stay connected to the phone reflects the world’s growing need for instant gratification, especially through online connections.”

It also adds that “social media sites have hooked millions of people” and provides instant gratification whenever its members need it as gaining tons of likes, shares, and comments makes one feel good. And I know a lot of us are guilty as charged.

These days, tons of viral epic proposal videos have been making the rounds on the Internet, and now guys are more pressured to come up with a proposal that isn’t considered “mediocre” in their girl’s standards.

Ever wondered how those viral couples got caught in that seemingly perfect moment? With that perfect backdrop, perfect angle, and perfect entrance of loved ones? Oh wait. Maybe everything is perfect because it’s, well, staged?

Canadian John Crist poked fun at this phenomena by creating a funny video that supposedly shows how a millennial marriage proposal—complete with an entire crew—is really done.

Watch the hilarious skit below:

Guess the 43rd take (with the drone’s help) made it all perfect in the end, eh?

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