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Planning your wedding can be quite overwhelming, and sometimes couples tend to overlook the importance of selecting the right type of décor to complement the ceremony aisle. Now, not to worry, an aisle is pretty easy to execute. You just have to decide on what type of aisle you would like to have? Choose from an aisle lined with tons of glowing candles or opt for something more traditional – an aisle of flower petals, the list goes on. Here are some ideas to create a stylish wedding aisle for your own big day and some of our favourites too!


Besides table centerpieces, chandeliers too are a statement-making wedding reception decor. It doesn’t only light up the reception space, a beautiful chandelier can transfer any space. You can opt for either a floral and greenery chandeliers or a classic chandelier with beautiful faux-candled lights. Whether strung up from a tree or inside a tent, chandeliers add glamour to a natural space, and they’re a practical light source after the sun goes down.


Now, who says that you can’t get creative with your seating arrangement on your wedding day, as long as all of your guests can see the action at the altar, really anything goes. For an example, make an outdoor wedding a bit more intimate by setting up chairs in a spiral; how fun would it be to see each and every guest as you circle your way to the center. The same goes for your wedding reception, play it up a little, there is no right or wrong, it’s your wedding!


Now, if your’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, one of the most important that you have to look into first is the tents or marquees. The reason being, mother nature can be unpredictable, that last thing you want is to be drenced on your wedding day. And the best part about tents and marquees, there are now a crop of different types and styles, it’s never been easier to personalize them to your tastes. Remember, just because you a have a tent, doesn’t mean you’re limited on wedding decor.


Whether you are looking at a rustic theme or a glamourous vibe, you can pull off your dream wedding on a real-life budget, with easy DIY projects that not only adds an unique style but also a personalise touch on your big day. Whether is paper lanterns, wedding invitations or wedding centerpieces, it’s a chance for couple’s to show some creativity. For an example, throwing confetti after the waving off from the ceremony doesn’t only feels festive, it adds colour and fun to your ceremony. Now, you can DIY confetti yourself as shown in the picture, or if you wouldn’t mind spending a little bit more, rent a machine automated confetti for a wider and more festive touch to your bid day.


Having beautiful, twinkling lights on your wedding day creates a magical ambiance and elevates an ordinary space to something extraordinary. Whether is candles, string lights, light bulbs, coloured lights or even lanterns, the options are endless! Your lighting must be a match for both your budget and your wedding venue. Before you get your heart set on a specific style of illumination, talk to a lighting designer. Check on the costing and whether the type of lighting you love fits for the venue or tent that you will be renting. We’re pretty sure if you got the right lights, you and your guest will be positively spellbound throughout the evening.


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