There is pretty, and there is JUST PRETTY. Our lovely couple from Luxembourg pulled out all the stops in their September nuptials in The Big Apple. First and foremost, their theme was chic, crisp white. The bride wore a red lippie, which pretty much nailed it right then and there. We could go on and on, but one thing’s for sure: this is a clean, minimalist fête, with a whole lot of heart.

“The proposal came almost two years before the wedding on Valentine’s Day. I got a big American style engagement ring from Gilles, which isn’t that common in Europe. Though we lived in Luxembourg, we decided to get married in New York. It helped that we have a wonderful friend living in New York City, who was ready to assist as our wedding planner, otherwise that’d be mission impossible. So a tip for couples getting married abroad: unless you’re able to spend a few weeks at your wedding destination to plan the details, get a friend – who’s a local in the city you’re planning to get married in – to help out, or better still, hire an experienced wedding planner.”