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11 Husbands Admit What They Wish You’d Do In Bed


No matter how much crazy-great sex you and your partner might be having, admit it: You’ve wondered if there’s any desire he’s holding back. Just as wives fantasize their men would pull new and exciting sex moves, men also have fantasies they may be too shy to ask for.

To find out, we’ve rounded up a few secrets and desires husbands have. Their answers may definitely come to you as a shock! But regardless, it’s always good to keep an open mind behind closed doors.

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“I like it when she’s more aggressive and creative and takes initiative to surprise me. You can imagine that it could be difficult to ask your partner to be more spontaneous though.”


“Get loud,” says another. “I feel like my wife holds back because she’s afraid of sounding stupid, or maybe disturbing our neighbors. But it’s so attractive when a woman really lets lose in bed and moans loudly.”


“I wish I could just ask for a blowjob sometimes without feeling like I’m asking to be serviced.”


“I would like my wife to be more adventurous in bed,” says one more married man. “We wouldn’t have to do anything crazy, but it’s nice to know your wife is down to try something new. As it is now, I’m afraid to suggest anything that breaks from our routine, and that’s no fun!”


“Dominate me! Having to ask kind of defeats the purpose.”


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“I want my wife to take control more often,” says one married man. “There’s something really sexy about a woman pushing you down on a bed and telling you just what she’s going to do to you and then doing it! I wouldn’t have to think — I’d just get to lie back and enjoy myself.”


“I’ve always wanted to her up, but I’m worried about asking for that. I watch Law & Order. I know how wrong that can go.”


“My wife never talks dirty,” laments another married man. “And while I don’t need her to get filthy, it would be nice every once in a while if she was just verbal about what she liked or was feeling. That’s a huge turn on.”


“Threesomes. I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings and have her interpret it like, ‘Oh, you don’t like me? You need more?”


“Don’t forget we have a lot of erogenous zones!” says one husband. “I get why my wife immediately head down below, but I wish she didn’t forget to pay attention to other parts of my body too. Taking time to kiss her way down my chest and stomach, for example, would be so awesome.”


“I would love it if she talked dirty, but I would be embarrassed to ask her to do it. I wouldn’t want her to ask me to do it back. I don’t know how!”


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