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What’s next after your wedding? Your honeymoon, of course! Whether your honeymoon is right after your wedding or some time later, here we have a few tips for you that should be on your honeymoon checklist.

1. Get a Selfie-Stick
If you’re someone who is crazy about taking photos on your phone, this is going to help. There are times when you’d just want to take photos of you and your hubby together in a frame, yet you couldn’t get help from any passerby. Fret not, the selfie stick is here to help you to take memorable moments of your honeymoon together. A selfie-stick is not only useful to capture your honeymoon moments; it can also be re-used again and again, especially during gatherings.

Just remember to check whether the travel destinations/attractions forbids them. Some banned the selfie-stick in order for a better visitor experience.

2. Order Room Service
Just in case you’re on your honeymoon and caught the bug, order room service and enjoy the rest of the day by recuperating on your patio (or bed). Even if you’re not, try out this new experience. There’s always something decadent about room service; having food delivered to you with the comforts taken care of is indeed a luxury.

3. Don’t Bring Full-Sized Products
No matter it’s your perfume, your moisturizer, your toner, or any product that you can’t live without, put it in a travel-sized container and take it with you. You’ll save space and baggage weight.

4. Leave Your Laptop At Home
Remember, your honeymoon is not your workplace, and definitely not the right time to work. Honeymoon is one of those rare opportunities where you are justified in forgetting everything, and focusing on starting your marital life.

5. Pack Here, Don’t Buy There.
Items like sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellant, aloe vera, Band-Aids, aspirin, antacid, antihistamine, diarrhea medicine, motion sickness medicine, tampons/pads, sun hats, and travel adapter should be packed before you leave. Just in case you have to use them, you don’t have to go rushing through the stores just to find it. Save the hassle and relax.

Here’s to you having a wonderful honeymoon with your partner. 🙂


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