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4 Essential Guide to Wedding Decoration

In the preparation for your nuptials, wedding decoration is an essential area which may break or make your wedding. This is an aspect that will light up your big day; the very reason why you need to plan this to perfection. This does not mean that you should spend a big part of your budget on this though. It does not need to be expensive but see to it that it gels with your wedding theme, especially in color.

There are two places to centre your wedding decorations on – venue where the wedding rites take place and venue of the reception. The venue of the wedding rites can be in an open garden, the beach, the church or just any place chosen by the couple. The same thing is true for the reception venue; it can be at a hotel, an event hall, the beach, or a garden.
To enable you to gather some ideas, here are some tips on how to decide for your wedding decoration that will ensure you a wonderful wedding.

Decor by Flora Lines

Decor by Flora Lines


#1 Wedding decoration for the Wedding Venue And Reception

Having decided on the venue, you will then figure out your decoration scheme. It can be neutral in style but should be related to your wedding theme. For the venue where the wedding rites take place, think of three things – floral arrangement, carpet and candles.

The flowers usually will be concentrated on the altar with lots of them placed along the aisle where the bride and the bridal entourage walk through. You can choose the colors of the flowers but you’ll do no wrong with white. The bows and ribbons used should be the color of the wedding theme. It is good to have decorative candles at the main altar with identical flowers and ribbons.

The aisle itself is usually carpeted in red but you can opt for another color or design if you want to. The groomsmen will have boutonnieres and the bridesmaids may have corsages. but ensure that the color matches your wedding bouquet and the altar itself.

For the reception, it needs to be a bit different as this where you and your guests will spend most of the time here. Go for a unified design where it matches the decor that you did for your wedding prior to the reception. It doesn’t need to be identical; it may be monotonous to do so and definitely an overkill. Ensure that everything in the reception venue matches. The style will be dictated by the venue itself. A grand ballroom calls for a more formal style while a garden or beach may be more casual.

Decor by Fiore Dorato

Decor by Fiore Dorato


#2 Choice of wedding flowers

For both venues, choosing flowers can be a daunting task. Pick flowers according to the season you are in. A lot of flowers are seasonal, so pick those that are in season to make sure there is abundant supply. If your wedding is scheduled to be in spring, your choice would be endless, as most flowers will bloom during this time.

It is also a great idea to check on the availability of locally grown flowers. These may cost less when compared to exotic varieties that needs to be imported. Take note that the prices for flowers can fluctuate based on seasons, so speak to your florists and choose the flowers that are in season, even better if your florists could lock down the price for your wedding day. It would be also an advantage to find florists that have a greenhouse of their own, this may make the price lower. For even more savings, get all your flowers supplied only from one florist; this include your wedding bouquet, boutonnieres, flowers for decor, and for your bridal car.

Decor by Tea Rose Wedding

Decor by Tea Rose Wedding


#3 Accents on the reception table

Concentrate your decor and floral arrangements on the main reception table; the table where the groom and bride will be seated. If you prefer a long table to sit with your guests, a boa floral arrangement is a great idea. If the bride and groom prefer to seat their guests into separate tables, tall floral centerpieces will be the perfect choice.

After setting the main centerpieces, don’t forget to place accents and the wedding menu itself. You can choose from posh glass bowls with floating flowers, decorative candles, or even floral wreaths. Whichever you choose, it should match the colour of your wedding theme.





Image by DesignLab



Wedding designed by Jung Lee, Fete New York


Designed by Jung Lee, Fete New York

You can make your wedding uniquely yours by having inconsistent table seatings, layout but centred around it’s functionality. Transform a simple table to create a special mood or ambiance, through the use of colour combinations, materials and floral compositions. Say for instance, a table for 12 for your dearest family members, known as VIP table facing the dance floor. A row behind the VIP table, 8 seaters table on left for your bridesmaids & BFF’s and 8 seaters on the right of for the groom’s men and in between the free-flow bar to keep things moving for the night.

Last words

The planning stage of a wedding should start many months before, to ensure the availability of the venue, your items needed for your wedding decor, and the availability of your preferred flowers. Planning ahead takes off a lot from your shoulders, ensuring everything to be perfect on your wedding day.

Photos featured above are from Flora Lines, Fiore Dorato, Tea Rose Wedding & IAMFLOWER, Jung Lee of Fete New York and Designlab

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